June 9, 2023


The extent of the game is truly to make things flowing and sometimes, there is nothing in the world better than making things move as smooth and as precise as possible than playing games and taking everything in a sportive fashion without having to involve too much seriousness and competitive attitude into it. That being said, in today’s world everything is about competition and sometimes the most effective games that are intended to cause happiness and joy end up creating a world of cutthroat competition and then watch everyone hack at each other. A game is something that should be played at the level of competition that best suits the type of environment in which the game is being played. A game can be a simple game tambak ikan that has the players on the edge of their seats and the people who are spectating think that they are making the people who are participating to motivate them as well as make them feel that they are playing a game for the sake of something else and that there is something in it for the people even though all the winnings and the glory goes to the player or players who win. In a world that is filled with competition, it is not out of the ordinary to expect that things will always have a binary approach to everything in that either there is a winner or there is a loser and a person cannot have both at the same time.

game tambak ikan

How Well We See Things Is In The Eyes

Sometimes it is quite important to see things as they are because that is the only way things can be seen as how they are and not have any other form of tainted image being presented to you. That being said, in a game environment there is nothing that can be seen as how it is and it is the gamer’s creativity that is tested within the confines of the game. In case a person plays the game tambak ikan then he or she has to become accustomed with the rules and the regulations of the game and then acquaint themselves with everything that goes on in the game. That and the competitive aspect of the game clouds some people’s vision and makes them to focus too much on the aspect of winning or the aspect of losing and not focus on why the game is being played and that is to have fun as much as you can without having to make everything so rigid and rule enticing that is problem with modern gaming of today’s world. Since everything is so serious people have forgotten that it is just a game and throw their lives away for it.


So that being said, there is only one thing that can be done in order to make people not think this way and make sure that they do not fall into the trap is to remind them always that it is just a game.

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