May 27, 2023

The game of online poker is not very different from tradition face to face Poker. In a matter of speaking the basics of the game remains same. It is a game of competition where people put their money on stake and play to gain double of what is put on stake from the opponents. The major difference between online and traditional Poker game is this that in the online form the players cannot see each other unlike the ones sitting around a traditional poker table. The​​​​ is one of the majorly successful online poker sites.

Well, it is this convenience of anonymity that drives many players into cheating so that they win at any cost by gaining competitive advantage. But, the best and the fun part is that usually the online poker rooms are very well aware of the different tricks & schemes that a player can adopt in order to cheat.

One of the greatest and most widely used cheating methods is the ‘All-in Abuse’. The ‘all-in protection’ is a feature that was especially developed in the game to assist the players of Online Poker games. The internet connection getting disconnected every once in a while is very common which automatically disconnects a player from the online poker room. Thus, this feature was added to keep safe or protect the money that the disconnected players has already invested & when back online, that money will be refunded to the player. If this player wins, he wins the money that he had betted on.

Many a times, it is seen that players take advantage of this particular feature and exploit it. Rather just a natural internet disconnection, many players in the fear of making wrong poker decision, wants to keep safe the part that they have invested instead of losing it by folding. Therefore, they disconnect their net connection by intention and as soon as the players logs back in refunds the entire amount making it seem that the disconnection was a technical issue. There cannot be a better instance of how players cheat in online poker rooms.

Unlike earlier days, most online poke sites like​​​​ have stopped providing this protection facility to the players due to the frequent exploit.

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