June 7, 2023

The world of casinos seems to be a very chaotic place for the person going in for the first time.  With people screaming, waiters running around it looks like a total mess, but still, it fascinates people so much that they keep going back again and again and get labelled as one of the tourist attraction.

The game of betway88 Poker is bound by certain rules with which all the players have to abide with. Apart from game rules, there are certain unwritten, unsaid etiquettes, which the players need to follow,  which when compromised, take away the pleasure and overall experience of the game. Since high stakes are involved in breaching these rules can get the player penalized, or can even be asked to leave the casino.

Some of the unwritten rules of playing poker in a betway88 casino are the following:

  • One should not comment on the cards one has got, as this might give clues to the other player at the table and he might change his plan of action. When the player is not in hand, he should remain quiet.
  • Slow rolling and deliberately turning over the winning hand slowly is a very big sin that a player commits on a table.
  • One should not call the clock on another player if one is not playing the game.
  • In case of a fold, one should not show the cards to the person sitting next till the game has ended.
  • A player should never ever ask a dealer for advice. They are there at the table to help the players with the rules but not to tell the player what to do with the cards.
  • The player should always wait for his turn to play and if in the case is unsure about his turn, should ask the dealer or other players if he is next.
  • During show-down, at the end of the game, only if the player gets called, should show the hand.
  • Giving unsolicited advice to other players is also against the etiquette of the game unless the person asks for it.
  • Talking on the phone while playing is a complete no-no.
  • Leaving the table after a big win is also a terrible poker etiquette.
  • Use of colourful cuss words should not be done.
  • One should not waste time while playing at the table. They should refrain from telling stories and taking a lot of time in making
  • The player should maintain basic hygiene and see to it that they are looking and smelling appropriately.
  • The player should always tip the dealer. This can be done by giving them some chips, or give some cash at the end of the game.

A player should refrain from breaking these unwritten rules of a casino to have a pleasant and enjoyable experience there.


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