May 27, 2023

A style of poker that has become popular these days, especially online, is that of super low bets, which are bet on each hand before the flop, after the flop, on the turn on the river, which play any two cards , the type of poker. Probably this style of “playing everything” can be confusing and difficult to play. However, a tough-aggressive style of play will always be a way to deal with this and it will remain profitable.

First, an intense game, as a rule, will cause you problems, especially in online games

If I hear the player say that he only wants to play his best cards, then I know he does not win in the long term. If the only cards you want to play are K-K and A-A, then you will not win in the long run, because sometimes these cards do not come. Or, when they do, they do not arrive on time to help you. Another problem with playing only premium cards, like A-K, what do you do when you lose the flop?

It’s good to play hard poker, but you need to moderate aggression. How to choose the right places to become aggressive. When you play with very loose players and your game is more aggressive, the key to victory is the ability to choose the right places.

So, how do you choose the right places to become aggressive? Let’s see a typical hand you could have against super loose players: you take the A-K from the starting position and make a standard 3x BB raise. Of course, you call other 2 players who lost the whole game. The flop comes 9-8-3 with two clubs. You know that these other two players can have any, all or none of these cards. In other words, they could have hit the flop tightly or have completely missed the flop, just like you.

It would be a position where I would become aggressive

Check here will not take you anywhere. You must make a close bet on the size of the pot to press these other loose players. If you check, you can bet with any hand and take the pot. Its strength lies in the fact that you can not put them on hand, so they each play. In this case, you have to face the fight, if you can put it that way, and make it difficult for them to call or raise, if they do not hit a strong hand.

Most of the time, they will simply fold. If they go with a raise, so what? Now you have the information and you know that they most likely have some kind of hand. Just double and try again the next hand in which you participate.

Knowing when to play against super aggressive players is a difficult skill to master. However, on this day it is important to be a profitable poker player.

Summary of the poker network

Poker, yes Interesting, but I do not play poker. This was my first reaction when I heard about the Poker Training Network. I thought it was one of those games for kids that I do not play. I am a serious businessman! Well, online games are not the business of this company, although it seems that they will play in this market, and it is really huge.

What is a poker training network?

Poker Training Network offers training for poker players of all levels, from beginners to professionals. Their products are web-based programs, which means there is no delivery and instant delivery. The learning interface and the game simulator are very convenient, easy to use and contain many features. The administrative office of the branch contains tons of training materials for business and personal development. Marketing materials include a video detector, a tracking tool that sends ads to potential customers. In general, a package well thought out and quite impressive.

Here are some immediate benefits that I see:

First, poker is unique, fresh and currently different from everything related to network marketing. This will only attract a lot of attention. With every product and service in the industry these days, people probably have not heard about it. If you participate now, you can promote something completely new.

Night of poker

Poker is a social activity. If you know someone who plays, they surely know others who play. Due to its informal and fun nature, it will be much easier to talk about it than your usual MLM products. How many times have you tried to invite your friends to a meeting and they said no? In the Poker Training Network you can invite people to your poker nights. They are all about fun. I previously wrote an article in the Warm Market and I have my own opinion.

What else is there? In fact, enough, but in this short article I will focus on the main points

More than 300 million poker online Indonesia players worldwide, poker is the third most popular sport in the United States, and this is a growing industry. The company is backed by reliable management and financing. It is preparing to launch, and with the launch of the Facebook application can grow very quickly. Deadlines are very important whenever possible, and you should now check the Poker Training Network. Combined with a powerful marketing strategy and system.

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