June 7, 2023

Before diving into the world of online poker, let’s know what poker is and how does it fit into this digital era. Card game often played by 2 or more people and involves gambling as an important part of the gameplay often played in casinos the game has its origin in the 19th century in the United States of America with the earliest versions being played as early as the 1840s. The evolution has continued with the rise of online poker arenas like the qqpokeronline.

Different Types Of Poker Games:

  • Stud poker: It has multiple betting rounds, and the player gets the card in a combination of face-up cards.It further have variations in no of cards such as a five-card or a seven-card game.
  • Draw poker: In this type of poker, the players have an opportunity to change the cards in their hands by drawing a different card from the deck.
  • Omaha: This game is usually played between 6-9 people at one table.

There are many more such variants, and all their variants are also being played online with the same rules and regulations as offline.

The Origins OfThe Digital Poker World

The first online poker game was played on 1st January 1998, as that was the day the first poker site was launchednamed planet poker.Even though it exists today, it no longer takes real money bets, and despite being the first in the industry it failed to be the number 1 in the world of poker. With more than 600+ sites all around the world like the qqpokeronline, poker rapidly becomes the favorite pass time of the gamblers, professional players and even the common man.

In this storm of poker, even India was blown away, and Indians themselves have established as a major part of the game with various poker sites which are famous all over the world such as adda 52, poker raj, pokerbaazi, poker stars, etc.

Setbacks Faced On The Way By The Poker Industry

  • Lock poker: A site which shut down in 2015 despite owing more than $25 million to various players.
  • Pitbull poker: The site which was started in 2004 and soon raised to popularity due to its bonuses but soon its glory came down when many accounts were found to be a superuser, i.e. having the ability to see the cards in opponent’s hand.

But despite various setbacks, the industry is going at its full potential in 2019 and it looking at billions of dollars in revenue.

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