May 28, 2023

Nothing can stop the popular online poker earned for the past years. And its popularities come with a lot of things and the most noticeable of it are the bad things, however, there are still a lot of good reasons to play online poker and one valid reason of its accessibility, and convenience.

In this article from our friends from Ceme, let us talk about the disadvantages that online poker brought to the online gambling world not to bad mouth or create a bad impression with this very popular format of this card game but to give everyone an awareness that no matter how good a thing is, it still has its own downside that needs to be pondered.

  • FASTER LOSSES- Online poker is far different from your conventional poker game. You can play multiple poker rooms at the same time and interact with different people from different countries and you can play as many hands per hour online which surpasses the limit a real poker game can accommodate with an instant deal but still lacks the delay between hands. This sounds a good strategy if you a professional poker player considering that you have a good winning chance but if you are just an average player, chances are, you will lose faster than what you win.

  • PLAYING BLINDLY- In online poker, you are virtually playing with different players but, you are playing blind because you are not able to see the tells, and one of the main strategies used in poker is pick up on the tells of your opponents. It may sound overstated but there are actually some very subtle and unreliable tells that a poker player exhibit when playing online. One of it is they take too long for them to respond and adding the downside to this is that if they take too long to react, there might be a big indication that they are playing poorly, or just having a bad internet connection.
  • MANY DISTRACTIONS- In a physical casino or in a physical poker room, in spite of the noise and lights, it is easier for us to focus on the task at hand, especially when it comes to poker, although there are few distractions that might occur but compared to playing at your house, you are exposed to many distractions like your television, your kids, your wife, your partner, your pet, your phone and you are not safe from having bad internet connections that will surely affect your online poker gaming. Distracted from the game that you play is truly a huge blunder or a disadvantage for a lot of players regardless if it is gambling or in sport, and in poker, staying focused throughout the game is vital to a successful game, otherwise, it will ruin their bankroll.

·         TOO FAST- Conventional poker is usually a slow and tactical game but online poker changed this pace to a lot faster and quicker action to fold your cards or flop games. This is due to the auto-features like auto-fold to mention one that is present in online poker sites which means you have to think fast and execute fast to keep up with your opponents or else you would likely lose the game.

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