June 5, 2023

If there is a place that isn’t short of entertainment, it has to be Thailand. A renowned scenic beauty of beaches and islands the country has beautiful temples and an appetizing cuisine. All of this makes Thailand a top tourist spot for everyone.

When you are in Thailand, there is a list of things you must see and do.

1- Visit Grand palace

There is no point in going to Bangkok and returning without seeing the spectacular Grand Palace. A palace that hums with the spirit of the country and is 150 years old actually awe-inspiring and no matter how many times you have watched in photos or movies, the real look is just another thing

2- Floating market

Thailand has more than one floating market but you should see the Bangkok floating market. The market is full of boats selling everything from tropical fruits to fresh drinks. You will also find food cooked on the floating boat for eating.

3- Railay Beach

Whats a vacation without a beach. Thailands Railay Beach is famous for its white sands and tranquil location. It is a place that sums up the natural foray including limestone cliffs, caves, and lagoons.

4- Khao Yai National Park

This is a Natural World Heritage site and a most frequented national park. This park is a natural haven. It is designed with a mountainous landscape, unbelievable fertile valleys, and pouring waterfalls. It also hosts about 400 different species of birds and animals and thousands of plant varieties.

5- Thailand lottery

If you are in Thailand and are into gambling, you might want to visit the national lottery that takes place twice a month. There is also the horse betting venue where bets are placed on horse races. If this is not enough for you, you can check out top 10 casino Thailand to find out more.

Online casinos are also widely prevalent in Thailand in addition to black-market casinos. However, as online casinos are comparatively safer, they are more popular than underground casinos. Online casinos provide all the entertainment a regular casino does and thus are gaining popularity in the country.

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