May 27, 2023

If you are going to play poker game for the first time at live casino there will be bitnervousnessor little anxiety but there is no need to worry because everyone who ever start willstart for the first time only. When you first enter a Agen bola casino it is better to place your name on the waiting listand to do this you needto take help of front desk of casino, person there will help you find table immediately or put your name in the wait list this will save your time. Always ask the rules and regulations of house or the game, do not hesitate to ask the dealer or front desk operator to avoid sudden surprises and save yourself fromembarrassing moments at the table while rules are familiar to others at the table. While you are waiting for your name in the list you can get your chips yourselfthan to wait for the dealer to give you. Placing money on the table is better than to hand it over to dealer because casino employees wont take it from persons hand.

Choosing a variant to play

Don’t ever comment on your current hand how ever it is like I had pot odd or I cant call with this bad hand  this will help experienced players to pick up on your weakness . Even if others use to say like that ignore them. Making money is important than skill so, never complain nor explain. Also try to avoid getting into arguments with other players remember you are there to have fun.

Arrange your chips in stacks of 20 possibly, a stack of twenty $1 is $20 or $5 is $100 or $25 is &500. This makes first time playerbetting easy.

While in case of online poker, There are also some online betting sitesin Indonesiawhich work on betting on favourite teams playing poker online games like agen bola, Judibola, agen bola typercaya which ask to deposit money and to bet on favourite soccer team, the person here wins the bet ,who’s team wins and makes money . But there is lot fun when played poker in live.

Dealers work for the tips it is minimum courtesy to pay the dealer every time you win a pot. You can tip the dealer $1 to $2, is enough.

You should be careful not to share your cards to neighbours even if they have folded, this will kill your hand in the play because they force you to fold.


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