June 9, 2023

Playing poker requires skills and attention to details. For instance, you need to have a keen eye on the hands of your opponents as looking at facial reactions can sometimes lead you to being bluffed. Hand reading is a pretty difficult skill to gain especially when you’re playing situs poker qq since you cannot actually get a glimpse of your opponents. Live poker allows you to look directly at your opponent and observe how they play while in online poker, you only see the hands and clicks that they make every time they make a move. However, there are other strategies you can apply to make it easier to read hands.

Before the Flop

The art of hand reading can be readily done before flopping and you can actually see a lot of factors where you can base your decisions. Being observant is always a good sign as this will give you the chance to feel how your opponents play and whether you need to be cautious of one player or not. You can determine whether to consider them loose or tight players. Oftentimes, it is easier to read the hands of a tight player as the range of hand movements is more restricted than that of a loose player.

Poker Hand Range

Another essential topic that you need to take note of is the poker hand range. Generally, when you start playing online poker, you’ll most like put the other player on the exact hand that you have and make it as a basis to beat that same hand or make the opponent fold the card. Since poker is considered a game where information is limited, it will do you good if you let your opponent get into a range of hands. The range of hands will allow you to make better and informed decisions when beating the range or folding out the same.

Take Note of Bet Size

If you’re trying to read your opponent’s hand in online poker, you have to consider the bet size, as well. You choose the bet size for a reason and so did your opponents. Find out what that reason is. Let him reveal why he has selected that particular amount to raise or bet. Also, if the other player considers to raise pre-flop and subsequently followed by a check on the said flop, you have to determine his reasons for doing so, as well. Think about the real reason why he would suddenly show you his strength and weakness. Otherwise, you’ll only get trapped.  Basically, players will eventually show betting patterns which are loosely based on their hand strength. Once you get a grip of this strength, you can actually get essential information through situs poker online terpopuler .

Study Your Opponent’s Position

The strength of the hand of your opponent can also be determined by his position. Most online poker players will consider playing hands from the buttons while restricting the range of hands that they play from their earlier positions. Once you find yourself faced with an opponent who played from an early position, then you can say that the other player is indeed playing a strong and consistent hand range.

Live poker and online have basically the same rules but there are also differences which you need to take note of. The most important of these differences is the fact that you cannot see your opponent when playing online poker. However, there are a lot of strategies which you can apply including hand reading that has been proven to be helpful in ensuring that you win the game. With a little research and a keen eye, you can definitely be a winner.


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