June 7, 2023

Even though television smartphones and internet facilitates people still there are huge fans for the radio networks. They used to listen to news and songs that are all time favorite of many people. During the festive time radio stations attract people through different shows and old songs. Mix megapol is a commercial private radio network in Sweden. Prosiebensat 1 media has been controlling this radio network. This radio stations was launched with the name of skargardsradion in the year 1993. Later this radio network has its new name as radio megapol. The word mix gets added to the name in the year 1997. The best blend of oldies and hits became the slogan of this network. This radio network has been sending music through air for 24 cities including Malmo in south and kiruna in north. This network has two million listeners for a week. The target group of Mix megapol is people between the ages 25 and 45.

Listen to nonstop Christmas music on mix megapol

This Swedish private radio network has been focusing on Christmas music and songs in recent weeks prior to the Christmas arrival. People can enjoy nonstop Christmas music on this radio network from the evening of 9th December, the day after second Sunday of arrival. People of major Sweden cities can enjoy the Christmas festive with continuous music. People who like to enjoy listening to the Christmas music of megapol can also get a chance to play casino games. They can visit http://www.radionytt.no/r13200.php to know further details. In the previous years, Channel vinyl 107 sent Christmas music to Sweden in December. This year, mix megapol is going to target on listeners through nonstop music.

About mix megapol radio play

Radio play or Mix Megapol gathers all the FM stations of Bauer media in Sweden. This is a commercial network that makes every station available on its radio network and mobile application. Thus, it makes easier for people to find songs and music they want to listen to. Even people can find sound clips available at the website of the radio network. New radio stations are available only at this popular broadcasts and mix megapol radio play. The goal of this Swedish radio network is to make a gathering place for every radio entertainment. People can enjoy best music collection including oldies and popular hits of every year. Christmas festival is going to begun and people can listen to their favorite Christmas music on mix megapol.