May 27, 2023

     As technology develops exponentially, especially in communications and smartphone technology so does the almost infinite number of ways where it can be utilized.  Some companies used it for online dating, some for online gambling and betting, others for social media and yet others use it for studying and so on. Whatever the case or whatever the use may be, they have one thing in common, they can be done literally in the palm of your hand. Smartphone technology and improved security features in the devices themselves allow for more processor intensive and more complicated programs to be run on handheld devices. This, in my opinion, more than any other tech paved the way for online gambling and betting to really soar. In Asia, online betting and gambling sites like sbobet have gained popularity particularly because almost everyone has access. Mostly comprised of third-world and developing countries, it is harder for the people in these places to get their hands on a personal computer, much less an internet connection. What they can afford and what they have in abundance are smartphones. Smartphones are generally cheaper than a computer set and it can pretty much do anything that a computer can nowadays. So we now come to the question, is online betting any better than the traditional methods? Let us take a side by side look at both.


   Online Betting has the advantage of being done almost anywhere. There is also the ease of getting started on both. The major perk of a traditional or a land-based gambling brick and mortar place would be one you at the very least get free food and drinks, complimentary entertainment, one of a kind ambiance and you instantly get your winnings. At the same time, online bets will be able to give out free play bonuses when you sign up for their services.


    In online betting, there is almost no instant cash out, you play wherever you are so you miss out on any perks such as free entertainment, there is the ever-present danger of hackers and scrupulous individuals out to skim on your winnings or worse get all of your money. In the same manner, traditional casinos also have some major disadvantages, such as you needing ample time and preparation just to be able to play. You need to go to their location and you cannot play wherever and whenever you want. There is also the inability to get as much free play as it is online and perhaps the most is that you actually have to be there to be able to play. In some ways, the dangers are exponentially magnified because the threats are physical. This means that if someone in a traditional casino is out to get you, they can actually harm you physically.

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