June 7, 2023

With its easy rules and famously relaxed pace, Keno online has easily become one of the world’s favorite casino games. Just like lotto, this specific game is also based on predicting which numbers will be drawn during each round. Never played Keno before? If so, give this free keno game a shot! Then once you feel confident enough, head to a real money online casino to play the game.

The Aim of Keno.

The aim of keno is as simple as it can be – bet and win! Wagers are made by picking a sum to gamble and choosing a few numbers from 1-80. The limit of how many numbers could be chosen depends on the respective casino. This free game lets you pick up to 10, but it’s just as common to see casinos allowing up to 20 numbers. Then, 20 numbers are generated at random and players get paid according to how many numbers they get right – a matching number is called a catch.

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How to Play Free Online Keno Games.

If you’ve never played keno online before, you’ll be glad to know that learning the rules of this exciting game is essentially a piece of cake. Simply follow the steps below and you’ll be well on your way to appreciating the game and having tons of fun!

  1. Start the Game by Clicking “Try It for Free” – Then Press Play.

In order to launch the free keno game from prediksi bola, all you have to do is press the “try it for free” button. Once you’ve done this, a pop-up window will then appear and you’ll just have to press the play button to start the game.

  1. Decide How Much You’d like to Bet on Each Number.

Next, simply decide how much you’d like to bet on each digit. Usually, the amounts you’re allowed to bet differ from casino to casino. Still, in their free games, bet starts from as low as $0.1 to as high as $5.

  1. Decide on the Numbers You’d like to Place Bets On.

Once you’ve decided on the amount you’d like to bet, all you have to do is choose the digits to bet on. In their free keno game for instance, you’re able to bet on 2-10 numbers; still, in some keno games online, you can bet on anything from 1-15 or 20 different numbers.

  1. Decide Whether You’D like to Play 1 or 5 Rounds.

Once you’ve chosen the numbers to bet on, simply decide on how many rounds you’d like to play while gambling on those specific numbers.

  1. Wait for the Outcome and Payout.

Once you’ve done all of the above, all you have to do next is to wait and see which numbers have been hit. Considering that you’re lucky enough to have hit a few numbers, you’ll then receive a payout. Simply, how much you’re paid out will differ from casino to casino. Each casino sets its own series of payout methods called “pay scale choices,” in which earnings are calculated not just on the number of catches alone but how you set up your game.

Despite the idea that this game of chance has common aspects which relate to bingo, keno has its own rules.

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