June 7, 2023

Fanatics of Monopoly, a household name among board games, will rush to open this Slot. You will not miss the characters of the game here. In addition, you will also see other symbols, and of course, the rewards will approach with playing this slot and making the most of the opportunities to win. The Boat, the Car, the Hat, the Shoe, the Dog are among the recognizable symbols. They will appear as signs which are noted as payouts. But there will be more symbols which will also denote payouts, like money pots, but also as a Coach or a Taxi. Not least of all the symbols, it mentions the Jackpot symbols, since it is a Monopoly game, and at the same time it is a Slot game. Now open the game, and look at the screen. You will see a cityscape, with the Thames, and landmarks of London that are common worldwide. The Wheel here is the Monopoly Wheel in the Monopoly Wheel bonus round. You already have the knowledge that Monopoly is about making Super Monopoly Money, so head on and play, to win and make big amounts. The maximum paying symbol, the Dog, will yield 450x your stake, with the Boat and the Car, your yield will be 240x your stake, and two extra symbols, the Shoe and the Hat, will give in minor wins, 150x your stake.

Play Super Monopoly Money Slot for Free Online

Bonuses are other thrills which will make time spent playing the Super Monopoly Money Slot unforgettable. Look out for the Wild Bonus symbols which will have unique powers, for example, to replace all other symbols to form combinations to your benefit. The Super Monopoly Money game wilds will change all the symbols except the symbol of Free Parking. The Free Parking is a symbol which holds a unique promise. It will lead you into the bonus, also called Free Parking. With this bonus, you will be faced with another assignment. But the Free Parking is a symbol which is also special in another way. Behind it, there will always be a Wild symbol, plus a Bonus symbol. You will be given with the choice to choose from these. In the Bonus symbol, there is the chance for activating free games, and with 3 symbols you will get 8 spins, for 4 symbols the games will be 10, for 5 symbols there will be 15 free spins given.


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