June 9, 2023

People now prefer online versions of bingo games rather than the land-based bingo halls. It is more accessible, exciting and amazing offers to grab on. All the websites where you can play bingo online offer several bonuses to their players. Also, there are exciting welcome bonuses for the brand-new players to attract them for the first time to play bingo. Not only the welcome bonus, you will be offered with different other bonuses and various types of online promotions for the bingo game. If you play on a regular basis you will get more amazing bingo bonuses to develop your bingo playing account.

Bingo bonuses

Promotions and bonuses are the best way to attract people to come to their websites and keep them. Though the promotional rules vary for different websites, they are the same from the root. You must know about the welcome bonus or new player bonus and the no-deposit bonus. But there are some other types of bonuses which you should know about.

  • Initial deposit bonus: online bingo sites want their new players to deposit for the first time. In general, these types of bonuses are programmed to multiply the total amount of your primary deposit by a certain percentage. For an instance, you can achieve a first-time bonus that can exceed 200% of the initial deposition. It can be 250%. So, if you deposit $100 you will achieve $250 as the bonus. Isn’t sounds exciting? But the percentage cannot exceed the maximum limit set by the website. It means, if you deposit $200 you cannot receive more than $250. You must know when you try to redeem your welcome bonus; you have to fulfill a certain wagering demand. Same here for this type of bonuses. You have to meet with the wagering challenge. Sometimes. There are restrictions that you have to use these bonuses only for the bingo games not only for any other types.

Initial deposit bonus means, you can use it once so you need to use it wisely. How can it be possible? It’s really simple. First, you have to deposit which will give you the maximum bonus. It is only possible when you want to deposit this much of money at once. There’s no point to deposit more than the maximum amount of bonuses.

  • Loyalty bonus: once you have started to play on a particular website and signed up with them, they want you to carry on with them. As they want to encourage you, these types of bonuses have been designed to make these one-timers permanent. This is one of the most exciting Bingo bonuses that allow you to redeem additional bonus whenever you deposit into your account. Sometimes, it is known as the reload or redeposit bonus. This is a great opportunity to win some additional cash while playing bingo online.

These types of bonuses work quite similar to the initial bonus policy with a smaller percentage. Here you also have to meet with certain wagering challenge and follow some specific restrictions depending on the website’s policy. Some websites require a specific promo code to claim your redeposit bonus. Here, you have to check the current promo code.

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