May 28, 2023

According to government rules and regulations, there are several deposit methods like prepaid cards, cheque, credit/debit card and even cryptocurrency which can be used to add funds to your w888 Bursa taruhan online account. However, it is not necessary that all of the transactions would go smooth and you will be able to make the deposits successfully. Just like instances on other websites, the gambling website transactions can also face several issues due to which the payment fails or the payment is debited but the virtual account is not credited.

Possible problems and their solutions

  1. The card is not accepted – Many times it may happen that the credit/debit or prepaid card that you use for a deposit on an online gambling website might be rejected by the website itself. This can happen for several reasons including government regulations. If the government rules are not the reason then you must check for other reasons. Insufficient funds or usage limit might be another major issue due to which the card might not be accepted. If that is also not the case then check that your billing address matches the one which you used to sign up on the gambling website.

Some banks may restrict the deposit of a huge amount on the gambling website and hence try to deposit a smaller amount can also help verify the issue. Try using other card or check if your card has permission to do international transactions. When nothing works it is best to contact your card provider.


  1. Less deposit limit – Most of the w888 Bursa taruhan online limit the maximum amount that users can deposit on their websites. Usually, the limit is between 1-2K USD. In that case, you can make multiple deposit transactions on the website. You can also search a gambling website that does not have any maximum deposit limit restrictions. Also, make sure to check the withdrawal limits on the website. If you want to play on a particular website only but the limits are very low then you can contact them via email and ask if there is any possibility to increase the limits. Most of the gambling websites usually agree to such requests.
  2. Slow processing of deposits – Many times when you are signing up and you make a deposit and are in the mood to play, the amount does not show up on your website account. This seems a lot frustrating but some websites and payment methods are slow at processing. This wait is most common in case of credit card deposits and bank wire transfer. In these cases, the bank verifies the receiver and your account and then makes the payment which can take hours to few days.

Sometimes the delay can be caused due to some reasons on the casino’s side. To avoid all these issues make use of e-wallets for safe and instant payment and deposits if your country rules allow it.

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