June 9, 2023


Those who have not played the game CounterStrike are in fact missing out on the fun from one of the top strategic FPS titles to ever have been produced. Originally launched as a mod for Half-Life, the game is now over a decade old and is still being extensively played across the world. Over the years, the game has seen three standalone releases, the most recent one being Global Offensive. This latest release features reworked maps, enhanced graphics and some new items. It’s like winning them at dolphins pearl deluxe.

top strategic FPS titles

World of Warcraft

Among the biggest MMORPGs is World of Warcraft which is based on the Warcraft license. The player sets foot into a virtual world in which several other players will also be present. One takes on the figure of a hero or heroine and then explores sites plus as overpower monsters on their as appearance and ultimately completing the mission.

StarCraft II

For those who like Warcraft, then StarCraft II will not disappoint you. This label is essentially split into diverse chapters. The first chapter one follows the Terrans who are humans. You participate as Jim Raynor and assume charge of the Raiders on an expedition to bring down the Dominion Emperor.

The 2nd chapter named Heart of the Swarm is concentrated on the Zerg race. The forthcoming Legacy of the Void extension tracks the Protoss species. Through Battle.net it is possible to play the game online in which one can create his own character, be paid achievements and combat with foes from around the world.

Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2 has a lot of reasons to be considered as a workable preference for multiplayer gaming. Not only is this game a free one to play but is also an action loaded FPS gameplay that has RPG elements making it an absolute must-have. You go into the battlefield by choosing one of nine characters, specifically soldier, spy, scout, pyro, demoman, engineer, heavy, sniper and medic. Each of these characters has its own exceptional abilities.

Halo: Reach

Being the 5th episode in the series, this entertaining game is exclusive for the creator console and is a prequel to the initial storyline. The title provides several modes for online play that include Stockpile, Headhunter, Invasion and Arena. The game is taking place in the futuristic year 2552 and it follows the Noble Team which sets out to avert the annihilation of humanity.

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